How to get commercial window cleaning contracts

Commercial window cleaners

If you have been into Domestic window cleaning and want to expand into commercial window cleaning then you would be moving in the right direction. However, don’t give up your domestic clients. Their individual contracts might be small and more tedious to service but unless you screw up big time, they will in all probability retain your services for many years.

In contrast, a commercial window cleaning contract tends to be financially more rewarding, less hassle to service but can also be very short-lived. A healthy mix of domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning LOCHALSH contracts are an essential survival strategy.

Steps to getting your first commercial window cleaning contract

Step # 1: Look up Google maps for your area of operation and make a list of all businesses in your area (you can even copy-paste the names, addresses and phone numbers direct from the map).

Step # 2: Find out what cleaning services in your area charge their commercial clients. To do this, you would probably have to send a smart friend to your competitor’s office and pretend he is interested in hiring out a Commercial Window Cleaning Portree contract.

Step # 3: Create an attractive offer. Spend some time thinking about it and create an attractive discount offer for your new commercial clients. It needs to be attractive enough to wean away customers from the competition. Have new attractively designed brochures and business cards ready. Also have a list of existing clients with contact numbers – select clients you know are happy and also first speak with them before you include their names in the list.

Also, hire an expert sales copywriter to create two emails – one a good sales email and the second, a good ‘thank you, hope to do business with you in the near future’ kind of email.

Step # 4: The cold call. Visit the businesses in your list and ask to speak with the person in-charge of hiring cleaning services. You will usually get a direct “yes, we need a cleaning service” or, “no, we already have one and are happy with it”. It will usually be very prompt and business-like. No dilly- dallying like in the domestic window cleaning service.

Remember to carry adequate quantities of brochures, business cards and so on.

Step # 5: Emailer. If a prominent business in the area is giving you the run-around and you are unable the meet the person in-charge of hiring Domestic Window Cleaning Aviemore, send them the sales email.

Step # 6: After the cold calls, you will (hopefully) have a bunch of new commercial clients and you will have a bunch of prospective customers who have said “no”. To this latter group, send the second email; the ‘thank you, hope to do business with you in the near future’ one. If you do not hear from them in a month’s time, send them the sales email with a cover note that you had meet him / her and also mention the discount offer.

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