Professional Window Cleaning

Home window washing solutionFirst you think that professional window cleaning must be an easy job. Then you look at all the tools they carry and wonder what they are or why they need so many tools for something that looks easy. Well, professional window cleaning is anything but easy. Remember, the glass is not always accessible at ground level. So to clean glasses that are between the ground floor and the third floor they use the Window cleaning services on which they can attach various tools such as Squeegees, glass scrapers, scraper blades, etc.

Let us see what these professional window cleaning tools are.

The Squeegee

The Squeegee is a basic tool carried by all professional window cleaning crews. When in use, it can control and direct the flow of water over the glass and also double up as a mop to remove water from glass surfaces. Squeegees range in size from 4 inches to almost 2 feet. The large squeegee is obviously used on ultra-large glass surfaces. Interestingly, a new squeegee requires assembly. Much like military or police personnel who assemble or disassemble, clean and reassemble their guns, Traditional window cleaning crews do the same for the humble squeegee.

Scraper Blades and Glass Scrapers

Some buildings are located in areas that result in a lot of dirt and grime deposited on the windows and glass surfaces. Over time, the grime tends to harden a bit and this calls for a different tool known as the scrapper blade or glass scrapper. Using the scrapper blade however requires skill – skill of the Commercial Window Cleaning crew. Wrongly used, instead of removing grime, the glass scrapper could result in scratches or worse, broken windows.

Window mop

The purpose of a window mop is identical to that of the squeegee. The difference however, is that the window mop is soft and used on delicate glass surfaces such as church windows or stained glass windows. Window mops are also better suited for smaller windows like the kind fitted in houses and apartments.

Window cleaning pole

For residences and stand-alone shopping malls, a professional widow cleaning crew usually uses the window cleaning pole. A Professional window cleaner will stand on the ground, connect the window cleaning pole to a water supply source and attach a squeegee at the top end of the pole. The window cleaning pole can then be extended to reach windows on the first, second or even the third floor. Due to its weight and physical characteristics of using the window pole, it requires a strong arm and lots of good experience. Professional widow cleaning crews usually carry several different window cleaning poles. In fact, the window cleaning pole is one of the most important tools in their arsenal against dirty windows.


If you have ever observed a Professional window cleaning crew at work, you might have also noticed them use a rather odd looking bucket. Standard buckets are round whereas the buckets used by professional widow cleaning crews are kind of rectangular in shape. This design enables them to easily dip the squeegee into the bucket.

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