Home window washing solution

commercial window cleaning In one of our articles relating to tips on home window cleaning, we had also mentioned how you could make your own window washing solution. Despite that, we received several dozen emails requesting for our recipe for making a good window cleaning solution. Read on.

Before we make a home window washing solution, let us understand the task at hand. A dirty window will have a dust coat, might have grease, oil stains, streaks and even residual glue from stickers and sticky tape. If you have been using commercial window cleaning solutions, your windows might in addition to the above, also have a coating of wax. This is because a lot of commercial window cleaning solutions have a liquid wax to give the windows a high sheen. Wax unfortunately, causes the windows to get dirty a lot faster (and therefore increase the need for more commercial window cleaning solution?).

Making your own home window washing solution

There are several ingredients (most of which would be available in your kitchen) that, in appropriate combination, will remove all the above problems and leave behind a spotlessly clean window.

We at Vision Cleaning have been making our own window cleaning solutions (and so do most other professional window cleaners). A decent window cleaning solution can be made for about a tenth of the cost of a commercial or residential window cleaning solution.

To design your own home window washing solution, first, let us ask ourselves the question, what will remove dust, grease, oil, glue and wax? The answer is:

1. Water
2. Vinegar
3. Liquid soap
4. Ammonia and,
5. Lemon juice

You can therefore make a home window washing solution of various strengths using the above ingredients. The general ratio we use is 80 to 90% water and rest is either Vinegar, liquid soap, ammonia and lemon juice. If using liquid soap and ammonia, you can skip lemon juice. Also, lemon juice will reduce the shelf-life of the window washing solution.

Vinegar is an important ingredient because it:

1. Kills bacteria, mold and germs
2. Is a grease remover
3. Has been in use for centuries as an effective cleaner on its own
4. It is also a deodorizer
5. Removes mineral build-up

Ammonia or detergent will get rid of grease, oil and wax.

Here is our recipe for making your own home window cleaning solution:

Mix 2 cups of rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl), and 3/4 gallon of water
To the above mixture, add 1/2 cup ammonia and 1 teaspoonful of liquid dish washing detergent

Add about 3 tablespoonfuls of vinegar to 2 cups water and half teaspoonful of liquid dish washing detergent.

Pour the solution you’ve created into a spray bottle!

If you have tried something else and found it works well for you, do write to us at info@ vision-cleaning.co.uk Also write in any suggestions, requests and most importantly, your experiences in cleaning windows and making home window cleaning services.


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